get involved

Here are the ways you can contribute to Coalescence Festival 2018.
At this stage, we've locked in just about everything we need for this year, but we could always do with more volunteers!

Just click on the application of your choice and fill in the form ;)

And feel free to contact us if you think you can help us out with something we might've forgotten:


We are no longer accepting applications for musicians.

We have everything we need for the time being, and we're still sorting through some of the applications. Stay tuned for our line-up announcements, being released over the next few weeks once the final artists have been contacted and confirmed.

Apologies to those we couldn't include on this year's line-up, we'd love to have given you all a slot but there's just too many good acts! We've kept everyone's details and we'll be contacting some of you for other gigs throughout the year. Don't stop creating: we love what you do and WE WANT TO HEAR MORE!!


Applications for performances are now closed.

So many cool performances and workshops this year; we actually ran out of time to host them all!

Although… we could always do with more roving performers, so if you've got a cool costume or a beguiling act, feel free to get in touch at:

As always, keep up the good work educating and inspiring with your numerous and varied talents. We'd definitely love to hear from you again next year, so keep an eye on the website and Coalescence Festival Facebook page to get the callout when we call it out ;)


Thanks and thanks again to all the markets who applied this year. It was a mega-influx of interesting and unique food and wares. Way more than we could hope to host at this years' humble event!

We made a point of only booking one of each kind of market so that we don't end up doubling up on things. No one likes it when there are too many of the same stalls; variety is important to us :)

So, apologies if we didn't manage to lock you in this year, we're only a small event but we're growing each year so please try us again next year!

Until then, happy marketeering :D


Looks like we have all the help we're gonna need for this year's event.

Thanks to everyone for the epic response; it's great to know that you're all so keen to be involved in our little festival! :-)

For those of you who missed out, tickets are still available through IslandTix.

Definitely keep an eye on this website and the Coalescence Festival Facebook page towards the end of the year. We'll be calling out for helpers again before too long.