Who's ready for Coalescence Festival 2018!?
We're back on again and tickets are available from Islandtix.

We do it all paperless, so once you've bought your tickets online, just bring along your photo ID so that we can work out who you are ;)

Tickets are sold in staged releases so the sooner you grab yours, the cheaper it'll be!

We believe in delivering a high quality, safe, and fun event for Earthlings of all ages! Soft grass, loads of shade, eco-friendly toilets (and showers), plenty of drinking water, and still within 5 minutes of Lacey Creek and Bingil Bay beach!


early bird.........:: $80 +bf ::…..SOLD OUT!!

sleepy bird......:: $100 +bf ::....SOLD OUT!!

full price..........:: $120 +bf ::....Plenty to go round

GATE PRICE..:: $150 ::...…...D'oh! missed the presale :(

day pass..........:: $50 +bf ::….Camping not included



Presales will close on Thursday the 9th of August at midnight.

But don't stress it if you miss out; there'll plenty of tickets available on the gate. They're a little pricier though, so you're still better off snagging one beforehand. It pays to be organised!


If you love planting trees and jamming out, but you've only got one spare day on the weekend, then this special ticket is tailor-made for you! You can come out for the day and head home again when the sun goes down and the music ramps up. And if you decide to stick around for the whole weekend, come see us at the gate: you can pay the difference and we'll upgrade your wristband to a full weekend pass. That'll keep security from humbugging you!


By purchasing this ticket, you acknowledge that it is possible that your photo may be taken by one of the appointed professional photographers or another attendee. Let's face it, just about everyone has a digital camera and a Facebook account these days. So unfortunately, we are not able to adequately monitor everyone's photos and posts. Please be aware that you will need to be responsible your children's and your own privacy at this event, but we are available to help if you need us.

As a precautionary measure, our photographers have been instructed to seek a parent's permission before photographing any close-ups of children, but crowd shots might be unavoidable.

Photos taken by the professional photographers will be made available online via the Coalescence Festival Facebook page and this website. If you find a photo of yourself or your family online which you'd like to have removed, please contact us via email at It will be removed immediately and without question.

Photos taken by other attendees are subject to the relevant laws and so we can't really take responsibility for those. Please contact the photo owner directly to request it's removal, or take the required steps on the social media platform to have it flagged and removed. If you're having issues with the technical side of that, please contact us and we can help guide you through it.

If you're still a little hesitant and you'd prefer not to attend the event after you've already paid for a ticket, please contact us and we can refund your ticket purchase.

Thanks for reading. See you on the dancefloor!